52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

Canadian Therapist Helps Readers Beat the 50 Shades of Grey

Nicole McCance provides, for good measure, “52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally,” in a new book from Indigo River Publishing, set for release on Blue Monday.

In her new book “52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally,” Canadian psychotherapist and author Nicole McCance draws on Eastern and Western philosophies, relaxation techniques, nutritional and exercise strategies, sleep therapy, and other means of combating depression – with not a single pill in sight. The book, set for release on Blue Monday (January 21 2012) by Indigo River Publishing, seeks to provide time-tested techniques for healing one’s psyche naturally in a world overrun with pharmaceutical solutions.

McCance, a highly sought after public speaker and frequent guest on the Canadian talk show circuit, has great confidence in the proven benefits of each of the 52 techniques described in the book. “Just try one, and you will feel the difference,” she says. Having spent more than a decade specializing in the treatment of depression, McCance has empathy for readers who are suffering. “You can be happy,” she says. “It starts with just one step in the right direction.”

Readers needn’t worry about being bogged down in a heavy tone or about being inundated with therapeutic jargon. The 52 techniques are concise and easy to understand, forming a handy reference guide to return to as needed. McCance wants to help, and to help quickly, it seems, but she does take the time to reference icons of positive thinking – from Buddha to Mother Teresa - in her efforts to reach readers. The book opens with this Dale Carnegie quote: “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” McCance is clearly doing what she can to provide some hope for those who need it, in 52 easy-to-digest ways.

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