We offer counselling in office, over the telephone or online via Skype. I also offer "Walk 'n Talk" counselling sessions. Learn more about Walk 'n Talk sessions HERE.

Strict confidentiality is always maintained.

To contact us for a free consultation, or to book an appointment, contact (416) 619-0442 or [email protected]

Cancellation Policy: We require 1 business day's notice if you are cancelling an appointment. This means that if your appointment is on Monday at noon, you must cancel on Friday before noon. If you miss an appointment, or cancel it within 24 hours of your scheduled time, a full fee will be charged.

Individual Counselling

We use a holistic treatment approach, which focuses primarily on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT) is effective for many psychological issues and has been scientifically tested and supported. CBT encourages you to first become aware of your irrational thoughts, and then challenge those thoughts, which will change destructive patterns of behavior.

Our biggest problem is that we listen to our own thoughts. Once we realize that thoughts are just thoughts, they are not always true, we have freedom to choose more empowering thoughts.

We rely on the principles of Positive Psychology, which is a recent paradigm shift in psychology, in which solutions, goals, and the future are focused on. Psychology has always focused on the problems of your past, but positive psychology takes a more optimistic standpoint, and concentrates on moving forward. This means that in therapy, you and we will focus on where you want to be in your future, and how to attain your goals. Emphasis is placed on the here and now; what's working in your life, and what you can be grateful for.

Couples Counselling

We draw from many paradigms during our sessions but we primarily use the Imago process which assists couples through their struggles while deepening the connection between them. Imago can help you understand your relationship. You can discover why you fell in love with your partner, and what lies underneath your frustrations and disagreements. Couples usually come to the one hour sessions together.

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