Joanne Del Core



  • Joanne Del Core is a clinician practicing child therapy and works in many capacities with educators and children to create and sustain emotionally healthy environments for children. She specializes in areas related to anxiety, PTSD, depression and trauma, servicing adults and children. Her work with child and family facing organizations like Humber College City Wide Training, daycare centers and schools across the GTA, is meant to drive training and educational initiatives to equip educators, educators-in-training and parents with tools and information about how to navigate and support the emotional landscape for children. These initiatives directly target anxiety, ADHD, depression, trauma, bullying, and mental health overall in the classroom and at home. Aside from working with adults and children one-on-one, she provides assistance with creating emotional development curriculum, building early childhood development practices and consulting and delivering workshops with schools and daycares to create connectedness and cohesion within their learning environment.

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