Jothi Ramesh M.A., R.S.W.

Clinical Social Worker


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  • Telephone: 416-619-0442
  • Jothi is a Social Worker/Psychotherapist with over 19 years of experience in individual, group and family counseling. As an immigrant, she understands the trials and tribulations of ethnic minorities and cultural differences that set us apart from the mainstream population.

    Psychotherapy is a big part of my practice. Psychotherapy deals with the connection between past experiences, inner beliefs and perceptions and the individual's current situation. This would help clients to be able to gain insights , make connections between the past and the present and to work on their issues.


    Jothi works with clients to improve their resiliency and help to uncover their strengths she uses different modalities to meet the individual's needs. She uses a client- centred approach that gives the client the ability to drive the sessions' goals. She helps clients connect the dots between patterns that were established in the childhood and its manifestations in adult life. This aids in understanding the connection between the two and an exploration of ways to alter them.

    Jothi works with Adults, Seniors and Adolescents. Her areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, OCD, relationship issues, addictions, financial issues, anger management, bereavement, self-esteem, sexuality, transgendered/transsexual, trauma, workplace issues and eating disorders.

    Jothi uses different therapy modalities including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution- Focused Therapy , Narrative Therapy.

    Jothi speaks both English and Tamil