Laura Devlin M.A.

Clinical Therapist


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  • Telephone: 416-619-0442
  • Laura is originally from B.C., by way of England. She has lived in Toronto since 2009. Before this, she spent time in Montreal. She recently travelled around the world spending time in Asia, Europe and India. During this time, Laura studied yoga and meditation and these experiences have enhanced the work that she does in therapy.

    She is a compassionate and down to earth listener who understands that every one of us has experienced loss, pain, insecurity at some time in our lives. It is often through these difficult times we experience growth. She believes that the therapist’s job is not to be the ‘expert’ in your life, but rather to help facilitate your own exploration in a safe and supportive way. She draws from psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, emotion-focused therapies in her work. She has experience working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, in short term and long term settings. She is comfortable working with a wide variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, self esteem, body image issues, as well as marriage and family concerns.

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