Paul Robertson M.Div.

Clinical Therapist


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  • Telephone: 416-619-0442
  • Paul brings a deep compassion and personal life experience to his work, specializing in the treatment of male adolescents and men experiencing various personal issues across the life span.  He also works with couples in their marriages or in preparation for marriage. His work focuses on the treatment of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, effects of childhood trauma as well as in the support and treatment of various organic and psychological disorders. He also counsels men struggling with career issues, by helping them recover from negative experiences and find or regain a sense of purpose and passion. 

    Paul has completed his sex addiction training and receiving supervision through the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy.   

    In couples counselling, Paul uses Emotional Focused Therapy to help couples to better understand the core/underlying feelings that are being triggered which often result in conflict. Paul uses Prepare/Enrich when working with pre-engagement/ pre-marital counselling.

    Paul is also able to work with people struggling from addictions; his strength is his ability to walk with them on their journey.  Paul also works with men who need to concentrate on their individual issues as they work on their part to heal their marriage. Paul’s quiet persistence and gift of encouragement enable him to see potential in all people, and help him to provide grace and practical help in the healing and growth of his clients. 

    He holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree. He is a member in good standing with the OACCPP Mental Health Professionals.

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