Tim Sitt MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker


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  • Telephone: 416-619-0442
    I work with individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing emotional and/or relationship distress and would like to heal and learn positive ways to cope with life's inevitable challenges. I help people face the difficulties within their experience and to heal from negative impacts they have experienced. People and families that I work with often struggle with various symptoms like depression, anxiety, conflict, trouble at school, and are seeking ways to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. People I work well with are not just interested in reducing symptoms but in positive transformational growth.

    The relationship based models of family therapy most inform the way I practice. I work with people in a concrete and experiential way to help them get more in touch with themselves and their present experience. When we make deep contact with ourselves we get in touch with our many resources and change is possible.

    My aim is that you will find that I am willing and able to be open and real, making genuine human contact. Because of my combined background as a Clinical Social Worker (MSW, RSW) and Personal Trainer, my practice integrates physical and mental health as well as family and relationship health.