Corinne Carter

Couple and Family Therapist


Since 2010, Corinne has worked as a Couple and Family Therapist in private practice at “New Roots Therapy.” As a Couple and Family Therapist, her interest is ultimately in relationships. We all have relationships and we are always in relationship to ourselves and to others. It is her belief that we are invariably touched by the relationships that we hold at the global, community, and familial levels and it is through our relationships that we can truly come to know and heal ourselves. As such, she hopes to bring a relational focus into therapy conversations. Furthermore, she hopes to create space for examining the role of power, privilege, and oppression on our relationships and identities.

What sets Corinne apart from other therapists is her approach to therapy, which is grounded in both her education/training as well as her own therapeutic philosophy. Her approach to therapy is collaborative and genuine. In her work as a therapist, it is important that she does not hide her own humanity. She is respectful and encouraging of diversity, and is thoughtful in the face of crisis and stress. Corinne believes in the empowerment of voices and the encouragement of creativity. She also believes in the power of humour; therefore, it is her hope to leave room for humour and laughter in therapy conversations!