Shannon Holmes

Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Play Therapist

Shannon’s interest in helping others started in high school when working at a daycare with a child who was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. She started her career as a child and youth worker in an assessment receiving group home for the children’s aid society. Shannon then left the group home setting and worked for the school board as a school-wide behaviour specialist. Shannon strongly feels that all individuals have the potential to be successful, just for some there are more struggles and she firmly believes that investing time in another individual can leave a lasting impression on them and/or be what they need to see their inner success.

Shannon furthered her education by obtaining an honours degree in Psychology. Once she began to learn more about play therapy, she realized it truly placed the child at the centre of the therapy, and focused on their goals and making them successful within themselves. This goes in line with her values and passion for helping others. Shannon believes we are all capable of success, we have the obstacle of finding out our path and having the strength and support to follow it. All individuals know what they need, but get weighed down by other things in life. Having someone there to support you in expressing what you need is a key to success.

Since starting her career in play therapy, Shannon has gone on to receive her Certificate in Clinical Traumatology.