Susan Kay

Clinical Therapist


Susan values diversity, both personally and in her work as a therapist. She welcomes the opportunity to work with individuals, couples and families as they seek to live in reality and enhance their family and relational experience. She is excited to celebrate the journey and growth of those she has the privilege to work with. Susan has had a long-standing passion for being an individual who seeks to facilitate understanding and healing in the lives of people. She returned to school as an adult to pursue this passion and completed her Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Waterloo. She received her Master’s degree at the University of Guelph in the Couple and Family Therapy Program. This program is recognized in Canada in its uniqueness as it educates and trains therapists by integrating contemporary theory and with strength-based perspectives that respect the diverse experiences and communities of clients.

Susan is particularly skilled in her ability to develop strong therapeutic relationships that are grounded in respect, a non-judgmental stance, and genuineness. As a person, she is warm, empathic, sensitive, patient, flexible and committed to celebrating the uniqueness of each individual situation. She is also dedicated to her own lifelong learning through clinical advancement for her personal journey and for the benefit of those who share their lives with her. Her life experience, coupled with the intense and sophisticated training she has obtained contributes to her ability to be a highly effective therapist with individuals, couples and families. Susan is the devoted mother of three children who are on their way to become independent and thriving young adults. She enjoys time spent with good friends and loves to travel. Susan is an avid gardener and finds time spent outdoors to be therapeutic and relaxing.